Friday, May 30, 2008

So Kristina over at has posted her Color Challenge for the weekend... going to have to play with this one

So I encourage any of you who see this to go try it. =o) I will post my picture tomorrow or Sunday before the deadline.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Going to be working on making some changes to the blog and myself over the next few weeks. Setting some Goals and working on them.


1. Health, work on getting healthier, being healthier, and living healthier

2. Posting on a regular basis. I love going to a few blogs and I love that I can see new things all the time.

3. Do more of the challenges on some of the blogs I go to.

4. Get less stressed out about work (ties in with 1 and being healthier)

5. Get all my swaps ready for Stampin' Up! Convention in July

6. Stamp More

7. Scrap More

8. Learn to take better pictures of my Projects... and my cat.

9. work on my Stampin' Up! Business

10. Make time for Me

So... guess this is a start.



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